Slipcoat MRA™ Brochure

The need for a non-stick, anti-freezing coating in the rail industry is a fact of life.  Some of the problems that have been associated with the application of traditional release agents such as glycerine/water/alcohol mixtures and calcium chloride are:

  • Requires large quantities per application
  • Health, Safety & Environmental risk
  • Inconvenient to apply
  • Frequent application required
  • 10% carryback remaining in treated cars
  • Damage to rolling stock and tracks

The Slipcoat MRA™ product is unique in the industry for the following reasons:

Slipcoat MRA™ is applied at the rate of approximately 2 gallons per 100 ton car.

Slipcoat MRA™ is completely safe for your people and the environment.

Global Barrier Services, Inc. products are Certified BioPreferred.

Slipcoat MRA™ can be applied at whatever location is most convenient to the customer.

Slipcoat MRA™ need only be applied once every second load even in extreme conditions.

Slipcoat MRA™ is highly effective – we guarantee it will outperform any release agent.

Slipcoat MRA™ will reduce customer operational costs through the reduction/elimination of carryback, reduced cleaning times and increased equipment life.

Slipcoat MRA™ will protect rolling stock from the effects of corrosion and increase equipment lifespan.

Real world information from our customers informs us that the commonly used, traditional release agents are consistently leaving at least 10% carryback, even in mild conditions.  When used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, the Slipcoat MRA™ product will reduce carryback to 2% or less and works best in extreme environments.

For example; on a 100 car train using 100 ton capacity cars, at $60 per ton, the use of Slipcoat MRA™ can reduce carryback from 10% down to 2%, resulting in a cash flow increase of $48,000 starting from first use.

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