Slipcoat MRA™ Brochure

Build-up is an issue at many mining operations worldwide.  Global Barrier Services, Inc.’s Slipcoat MRA™ product is able to assist our mining clients by eliminating or greatly reducing this problem, thereby increasing productivity, reducing wear & tear on equipment, reducing maintenance costs and reducing safety concerns related to removing build-up from truck beds and equipment.

Slipcoat MRA™ has been used in both the mining and processing aspect in the following applications:

  • Haul Truck Beds/Undercarriages
  • Loading Pockets
  • Skips
  • Excavator/Loader Buckets
  • Rail Cars
  • Conveyors
  • Augers
  • Crushing Stations
  • Chutes
  • Pan Feeders

Some of the benefits of utilizing Slipcoat MRA™ in the mining and railroad industries include:

  • Penetrates the metal of truck beds, rail cars and equipment to create a non-stick, protective film
  • Requires infrequent application
  • Prevents build-up of materials in the truck beds, rail cars and on equipment
  • Significantly reduces the amount of clay and mud build-up on vehicle undercarriages
  • Reduces the amount of down time required for truck, rail car and equipment cleaning
  • Reduces the likelihood of employee injury caused by cleaning of large truck beds and rail cars
  • Helps protect against corrosion and increases lubricity

Other notable points include:

  • Proven to work on metal, wood or rubber composites
  • Is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic, perfect for use in confined areas, underground and in environmentally sensitive locations
  • Has no recorded negative effect on equipment or processing circuits
  • No dilution is required – our products are delivered ready to use
  • Applicator systems, both hand-held and fully automated, are available for any application

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