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Global Barrier Services, Inc. is a total solution industrial manufacturing and supply company, providing advanced products and services globally into the bulk materials handling, mining, railroad, asphalt, architectural & decorative concrete, wastewater, waste & recycling, agricultural and food & animal feed/nutrition markets.
Slipcoat MRA™

Slipcoat MRA™ – Buildup is an issue at many mining operations worldwide. Global Barrier Services’ Slipcoat MRA™ product is able to assist our mining clients by eliminating or greatly reducing this problem, thereby increasing productivity, reducing operational and maintenance costs, increasing equipment lifespan and reducing safety concerns related to removing buildup from truck boxes and equipment. Slipcoat MRA™ has been proven effective for all types of mining operations. It is a completely non-hazardous and non-toxic product and is Certified USDA BioPreferred.

Slipcoat IRC™

Slipcoat IRC™ is a highly versatile non-stick coating product that performs exceptionally well across a wide range of applications, including: modified asphalt, architectural & decorative concrete, wastewater treatment, solid waste & recycling and virtually any other application where sticking and/or freezing is a problem. Slipcoat IRC™ protects against rust and corrosion, frees up seized equipment, removes residues left behind by other products and increases lubricity, further extending equipment lifespan. Slipcoat IRC™ is a non-hazardous and non-toxic product and is Certified USDA BioPreferred

Slipcoat™ FCS™

Slipcoat™ FCS™ is a non-stick coating product designed specifically for use in the processing, handling, and transportation of food grade materials and the animal feed/nutrition industries. Slipcoat™ FCS™ is ideal for preventing sticking/freezing and reducing maintenance/cleaning requirements for a wide variety of surfaces, from processing equipment and vats/bins to tanker cars and ship holds.

About Us

Global Barrier Services, Inc. is a “TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER”
providing products services and solutions

The patented formulations of our products are 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous. We currently offer three core Global Barrier Services products: Slipcoat MRA, and Slipcoat IRC. Our patented products are manufactured in the United States, Brazil and South Africa.


Our Team

Global Barrier Services, Inc., a privately held company, is a world leader in environmentally friendly non-stick and anti-freezing products. Our management and sales teams have combined experience in the mining, wastewater treatment, asphalt and concrete industries of over 100 years. Our company works through local distribution channels on an international basis with manufacturing and distribution in three continents. Please contact us directly for the contact information of a representative or distributor of our products in your area or country.
Hefest Minerals
Distributor – South America
Hefest Minerals Limitada GBS products are distributed throughout South America by Hefest Minerals Limitada. GBS products for the South American market are manufactured by Hefest Minerals in Brazil.
Distributor – North America
Meyer Lab is a North American distributor of Global Barrier Services, Inc. products and is the exclusive distributor to the North American concrete industry.
Engineering Centre
Distributor – North America
Engineering Centre is the distributor for Global Barrier Services, Inc.’s line of products in Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.
Distributor – North America
Applied Industrial Technologies is a North American distributor of Global Barrier Services, Inc. products to all industries outside of concrete.
Global Barrier Services
Distributor – North America
GBS products are distributed in North America and all other areas outside of Africa and South America by Global Barrier Services, Inc. GBS is based in California with primary manufacturing in Tennessee. Please Contact Us at Phone 949 542 7440

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