Slipcoat IRC™ ASPHALT Brochure

Global Barrier Services, Inc. is unique in the asphalt industry in that it guarantees that, with the use of the Slipcoat IRC™ product, customers will decrease their cost per ton for release agent. In many cases, customers are paying a low price per gallon but a high cost per ton of asphalt hauled. Many of our clients who had been using competitive release agent products were actually paying a cost per ton of 7-10 cents per ton hauled. Using Slipcoat IRC™, the cost per ton dropped to 3 cents, even for customers hauling rubber and polymer modified mix designs.

Other areas in the paving industry where the IRC™ product is successfully used include:

  • Drag slats/chains
  • Rubber tire rollers
  • Shuttle buggies
  • Drum mixers
  • Shovels and other tools

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