If you are interested in using Slipcoat MRA™ at your mine site, please contact us via e-mail at or phone at (949) 542-7440.  We can provide you with a full mining information package via the mail or e-mail.

Global Barrier Services, Inc. also offers customers a sample of the Slipcoat MRA™ product and applicator system. This step is to allow our customers to try our product to ensure that Slipcoat MRA™ works for their ore type and environment.

For further interested parties outside of the United States, please contact the Global Barrier Services, Inc. distributor in your country and they will work directly with you on the supply of sample product, equipment and scheduling of a demonstration.

The next step is generally to schedule an on-site meeting with the Global Barrier Services, team.  At the on-site meetings, a combination of the following work can be accomplished at the customer’s request:

  • PowerPoint presentation meeting
  • On-site demonstration
  • Site survey and evaluation

The site survey and evaluation is to determine the best method of applying Slipcoat MRA™.  Some of the questions that will be answered are:

  • How often will MRA™ need to be used?
  • How much MRA™ will be needed each spray?
  • What effects will the temperature have on the effectiveness of the product?
  • What type of applicator system should be used?
  • Is there an off-the-shelf application solution or will a custom-built system be required?
  • What is the lead time on the project being fully operational?
  • How will the product reach the mine?
  • Where will the product be stored?

The last step, then, is to enter into a supply agreement. With that, we can ensure adequate production of Global Barrier Services Slipcoat MRA™ for your mine for years to come!

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