Slipcoat MRA™ FAQ

What is Global Barrier Services, Inc’s Slipcoat MRA™ product?

Slipcoat MRA™ is a non-stick coating that is 100% environmentally friendly which reduces or eliminates deadbed (a.k.a. carry-back) from occurring while protecting against corrosion.

What is deadbed (a.k.a. carry-back)?

Deadbed is unwanted ore accumulation in production equipment that inhibits equipment from performing at full capacity.  Deadbed robs mining equipment of full payload potential.  For example, a 240 ton truck with 10% deadbed will only dump 230 tons per cycle as opposed to 240 tons per cycle.

Where can Slipcoat MRA™ be used?

It is used mostly in haul truck boxes, rail cars and any other equipment to prevent materials from building up.  Other applications include; vehicle underbodies, chutes, loading pockets, skips, conveyor belts, loader buckets, etc.

What surfaces will Slipcoat MRA™ work on?

Metal, Wood, Rubber and almost any other type of surface.

What productivity increases have been experienced at mines?

Productivity increases of over 35% have been experienced.  It all depends on the amount of materials that the mine equipment has built up without using Slipcoat MRA™.

Will Slipcoat MRA™ work in cold temperatures?

Yes, it will work on cold surfaces when applied correctly.  The product has been proven effective in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C.

How should we evaluate the cost of Slipcoat MRA™ against other products?

Evaluate your cost per ton of material, as opposed to cost per gal of product.  Also, evaluate what benefits you will gain in production from using Slipcoat MRA™ versus the cost of the product.  Global Barrier Services, Inc. can provide payback and/or operational cost savings calculations for interested parties.

Does Slipcoat MRA™ contain any carcinogens or reproductive hazards?

No.  Global Barrier Services, Inc. follows strict environmental guidelines in accordance with Certified USDA BioPreferred Certification.

How can I get started with Slipcoat MRA™ Mining?

Visit our Getting Started page or contact us at or 1-949-542-7440 and we’ll be happy to schedule something with you!

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