Slipcoat IRC™ ASPHALT Brochure

Global Barrier Services, Inc.’s Slipcoat IRC™ successfully and reliably prevents the toughest mix designs from sticking.  IRC™ is the contractor’s choice non-stick coating for rubber and polymer modified mix designs and high tempo jobs.

Regardless of which type of asphalt is used, Slipcoat IRC™ delivers superior results with minimal, if any, asphalt residue remaining in the truck beds or on equipment. Furthermore, Slipcoat IRC™ removes residue left by previously used, inferior release agents.

Importantly, Slipcoat IRC™ provides these results at an application rate of approximately 1 pint for an average asphalt truck bed, a fraction of what is required by any other product in the industry.

Slipcoat IRC™ non-stick coating is a completely non-hazardous, 99.8% biodegradable combination of various all-natural materials that creates a thin film on the surfaces of metal, allowing asphalt to slide easily from truck beds.  The Slipcoat IRC™ product is Ready-to-Use, requires zero dilution, and has recorded zero negative impacts to asphalt or equipment.

Slipcoat IRC™ is Certified USDA BioPreferred.

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