SLIPCOAT IRC™ is ideal for use in the solid and liquid waste management industries and anywhere that sticking or freezing of materials occurs.

SLIPCOAT IRC™ can be used on any surface where sticking and/or freezing is an issue, including, but limited to:

  • scum troughs
  • dewatering equipment
  • skimmers
  • grit collection
  • clarifier weirs
  • chutes
  • bins
  • truck boxes
  • shovel buckets
  • compactors
  • sorters
  • biosolids handling
  • conveyor belts
  • screens
  • rollers
  • augers
  • hoppers
  • loaders
  • shovels and tools


• 99.8% biodegradable and certified USDA Bio-Preferred
• Eliminates materials build-up caused by sticking and/or freezing on all types of equipment
• Has no negative effect on equipment or painted surfaces
• Delivered ready to use – no mixing or dilution is required
• Does not evaporate at high temperatures or freeze at low temperatures
• Non-hazardous, non-toxic and no harmful fumes or vapors – ideal for use in enclosed areas
• Advanced filming technology allows for efficient application – about 300 ml per square meter
• Provides a protective barrier that helps to inhibit rust and corrosion
• Opportunity to increase productivity, lower operational costs and increase equipment lifespan


What is Slipcoat IRC™?

Slipcoat IRC™ is a 100% environmentally friendly non-stick coating product ideally suited for use in the solids and liquid waste management and recycling industries. It eliminates materials build-up on all types of equipment and surfaces caused by sticking and/or freezing.

How can Slipcoat IRC™ help my plant and operations?

We pride ourselves on being a total solution to sticking and build-up problems in the solid & liquid waste management and recycling industries. We perform site audits to evaluate sticking problems and provide a full report to customers describing where the problems are occurring, what can be done to stop the problems and what productivity/operational cost improvements can be expected by utilizing Slipcoat IRC™.

What productivity/operational cost benefits have been experienced by other customers?

Productivity/operational cost savings of more than 30% have been experienced.  It will depend upon the amount of materials that builds up on equipment without using Slipcoat IRC™.

Will Slipcoat IRC™ work in cold temperatures?

Yes, Slipcoat IRC™ is frequently used to prevent materials from freezing to surfaces and has been used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C.

How much Slipcoat IRC™ is needed for a given surface area and how often does it need to be applied?

Application rate is typically about 1 gallon per 1,000 square feet.  Application frequency will vary depending upon your project.

Does Slipcoat IRC™ contain any carcinogens or reproductive hazards?

No. Slipcoat IRC™ is manufactured following strict health, safety and environmental guidelines.

How can I get started with Slipcoat IRC™?

Please contact us at info@globalbarrierservices.com or by telephone at (949) 542-7440 for more information or to schedule a site visit.

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