Slipcoat IRC™ ASPHALT Brochure

Global Barrier Services, Inc.’s Slipcoat ARA™ product is a highly effective Slat Cleaner and Lubricant designed to reduce life-cycle costs and maintenance issues resulting from poor performing drag chains.  Slipcoat ARA™ provides a lubricating action to reduce startup amps and eliminate spiking.  Additionally, Slipcoat ARA™ provides a non-stick barrier to ensure materials do not stick, build-up and cause shutdowns and operational delays that can be costly and impact productivity.  Slipcoat ARA™ will further provide a safe, effective barrier should a plant stop with hot mix in the conveyor.

Welded steel chains are widely used in scraper and drag chain conveyors.  The three most common ways a chain may fail are tensile, fatigue and wear. In a tensile failure, the chain is overloaded in tension until it is stretched so badly it will not function properly, or it is literally pulled apart.  In a fatigue failure, the chain is loaded repeatedly in tension, at a load below the yield strength (the chain is not stretched), until microscopic cracks develop in the link plates or sidebars.  These cracks continue to grow until the chain breaks.  In a wear failure, material is removed by sliding, or sliding combined with abrasion or corrosion, until the chain will not function properly (will not fit the sprockets) or the chain breaks.

The issues with asphalt drag chain systems have revolved around asphalt stick and plant amperage and spikes on start-up and continued operation throughout the day.  Plant volumes to date utilizing our product vary from a low of 1.5 gallons to a high of 5 gallons per day.

Slipcoat ARA™ is 100% biodegradable, completely non-hazardous, made with 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic polymers, requires no dilution, is easy to apply, and has no negative impact on asphalt or equipment.

What is provided:

Enclosed box with pumps and timers
One application manifold per drag chain (usually main and upper drags)
150′ of hose

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