Slipcoat MRA™


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Slipcoat MRA™ is a 100% environmentally friendly non-stick, anti-freezing and corrosion prevention product.  It eliminates or significantly reduces deadbed (aka carryback) on mining, processing, rail and other equipment due to a number of factors including; high moisture content, ore characteristics, freezing, etc.

Product Overview:

  • Slipcoat MRA™ prevents ore build-up in mining, transport and/or processing equipment.
  • Prevents sticking due to high moisture content, freezing, ore characteristics, etc.
  • Opportunity to increase productivity, decrease operational costs and increase equipment lifespan.
  • Slipcoat MRA™ penetrates metal, wood and many other surfaces to form a highly effective barrier.
  • 100% environmentally friendly and Certified USDA BioPreferred.
  • Used in open pit or underground mines, railroads and processing plants
  • Applications include: Truck Boxes, Underbodies, Rail Cars, Chutes, Skips, Loader Buckets, Conveyors, Crushing Stations, etc.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of materials build-up on vehicle underbodies.
  • No effect on downstream processing circuits.
  • Proven to work for any type of mining – base metals, precious metals, oil sands, coal, etc.
  • Automated application systems or electric hand-held spray systems designed and fabricated specifically for your application.
  • Reduces the amount of down-time required for cleaning of truck beds, rail cars and other equipment
  • Reduces the likelihood of employee injury caused by cleaning large haulage truck beds, rail cars and other equipment
  • Reduces the likelihood of overloading and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Product is shipped Ready to Use – no dilution or mixing required

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